So I made my pinksparkly cape UnPrivate for awhile...I just don't think the family members and friends that used to read it are able to get in. I'm wishing there was some kind of password thing instead of having to get a google account. Does anyone know about that?

So please go to my new blog and BECOME A FOLLOWER...PLEASE! Then I don't have to put that I updated on this one anymore! Thanks all!



private blogs don't show up in readers

So since my new blog has gone private I havent had any comments, which makes me think that people are not knowing when I post because it doesn't show up in readers. I am thinking I can send out an email when I post..would that help? Going private seems safer, but also a bit more lonely :) as people can't just pop over and check it out. Any feedback...let me know!


Going Private

In an effort to keep my family safe I have gone private and and removed my last name from the blog.

You can find my new blog at pinksparklycape.blogspot.com

I have to approve all viewers so send me an email including your email address at either my live account or through facebook so I can add you!